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Termite & Pest Inspections in Toowoomba & Lockyer Valley

Pests always deserve the highest priority

In South-East Queensland, pest inspections should not be an afterthought. It’s not only about the possibility of white ants. It’s borer and wood rot too. If you’ve never seen a termite infestation before, the home can look perfectly fine on the surface. While all the action is going on deep in the timber, often at a rate of knots. Once white ants are in the home, the damage can be devastating and quick, with the affected building element often requiring replacement. With an enemy so cunning, and the stakes so high, is it worth leaving the building and pest inspection to a single inspector? We don’t, that’s why we offer a coordinated building and pest, with two fully licensed and trained inspectors on the premises together.  

We work alongside select and trusted local pest and termite inspection experts, to deliver you a full picture of the property. A separate pest inspector comes with all their knowledge of the area, of local infestations (both current and past) and expertise in practical methods of prevention. Importantly, they can also act quickly to treat any infestations they find. Often the same day if required. The pest inspector’s focus is solely on pest detection, which allows Matt to focus solely on the building inspection. This means for you, that two trained industry professionals are both working together with eyes to see any defects. 

Our expert termite and pest inspectors in Toowoomba:

  • Will make a thorough assessment of the home, detecting any white ants, wood rot, borer, and other pests on the property 
  • Detects issues in and around the property that may put you at risk of infestation in the future
  • Assesses attached structures, downstairs renovations, slabs, and outlying structures for termite protection 
  • Checks gardens for signs of infestation and placement that may disturb the barrier of the home 
  • Checks any dead or dying trees, fence posts and stumps in the locality of the home for signs of pest infestation
  • Determines if there is the presence of any previous pest activity 
  • Checks for any chemical barrier in place and if so, if it is up to date and working 
  • Makes recommendations for prevention, or repair Is licensed to treat existing infestations quickly and efficiently 
  • Provides an independent, comprehensive pest report for the property, with images if necessary. 

Pest inspection costs (Gst Inc) 

Pest inspection costs start from $150

Pre-sale (vendor) pest inspection 

About to put your home on the market? Avoid nasty surprises that could stop you from achieving top dollar for your home by getting a pre-sale pest inspection report. A qualified pest inspector can attend your home before it goes to market. This allows you to sell your home with confidence and remove any roadblocks to a trouble-free sale. We can coordinate this with our pre-sale building report, for a complete picture of the state of your home before sale. At worst, termites, borers, or decay can be treated quickly, and a pest management plan can be implemented going forward. At best, you get peace of mind that the property is pest-free. And if you know you’ve had termites in the past, you can verify the current state of the property so you can confidently negotiate with buyers.  

Pre-purchase pest inspection Toowamba      

Every buyer in Queensland should make a pre-purchase pest inspection part of their Contract of Sale. Past or present pest infestations may be a deal breaker for you. Or they may be something you are happy to work with as long as they’re treated. Regardless of whether you’re handy or not, white ants should be treated immediately, and it’s always important to know if they’re present in any property you’re looking to purchase. This helps you to understand if the home has termite protection. As well as be aware of any existing or previous infestation. What’s more, it will help you understand how susceptible to infestation the home is, and what might need to change going forward. Along with any defects in the structure and maintenance via a building inspection report, you’ll get a full picture of the home. And the potential costs involved in buying it.  

Ongoing rental property building and pest inspections  

While your real estate agents are adept at letting you know the oven is broken, or the carpet is stained, they are not qualified builders, or pest inspectors. When it comes to termites, early detection is vital, and could save you thousands on costly repairs. Benchmark Building Reports can coordinate a yearly building and pest report for landlords, where both building and pest experts attend the property. This gives you the clearest picture possible on the condition of the home. If pest issues are found, the infestation can be treated as quickly as possible. Early detection means a small problem does not become a big one and your investment is protected.

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