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Building and Pest Inspections in Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley

Our process puts you in a position of confidence  

Building and Pest inspections with Benchmark Building Reports, and award-winning builder Matt Brooks will exceed your expectations for quality, customer service, and clarity. Matt is an experienced builder, in both commercial and domestic properties who offers inspections in Toowoomba and Darling Downs and across the Lockyer Valley to Ipswich. He investigates and reports on all aspects of structural integrity, workmanship, and maintenance issues. Before your inspection, he takes the time to understand YOU and your needs. From there, he provides you with a thorough building and pest inspection with a ‘fine tooth comb’ approach. He details and photographs everything accurately and without bias. Your report gives you a clear picture of the property, and any defects. All explained clearly, and without industry jargon. You also have access to Matt after the building and pest inspection, to talk through any questions and problem-solve issues as they arise for you.  Rather than making things harder, or scarier than they need to be, Matt helps you feel at ease and empowered.

Building and Pest inspection prices (Gst Inc)

  • Standard Family Home from $360 
  • Larger Family Home and Homes with Granny Flats etc - price on application
  • Duplexes $480
  • Triplex $600
  • Commercial - price on application
  • Pest inspection costs start from $150

The Benchmark Building Reports difference

  • Quick turnaround. Matt moves quickly to inspect the building and provide a report within 24 hours of your building and pest inspection. That way, you can make your decision within your required time frame, while also, allowing ample time to interpret your report.    
  • Thorough inspections - buyers are always welcome to attend the inspection, Matt will conduct his inspection and once completed he will walk you through his findings, clearly explaining any defects observed and answering any questions you may have.         
  • A comprehensive picture of the home. You need to know all the facts, and they need to be meaningful to you. Matt explains everything simply, yet in detail, with a report that is above the standard for the industry. It also includes a full photo gallery of the home, separate to any defects.    
  • Clear explanation of defects. Matt explains all defects as clearly and accurately as possible. You also get a minimum of two images for each defect in the report. One from a distance for context, and one up-close. Plus, he helps you interpret the report based on your skillset, goals, and needs.   
  • Unbiased approach. Matt sticks to the facts of the home, and what he sees on the day during his visual inspection, leaving opinions out of it. He concentrates on giving you all the information and understanding you need to make decisions for yourself.    

Oakleigh – Middle Ridge

"Matt was very friendly and helpful, seemed experienced and noticed aspects of the home I hadn’t even considered, he was happy to answer all of my questions and spend the extra time I needed, great to deal with."
Oakleigh – Middle Ridge

What we look for during building your inspection? 

During your building and pest inspection, Matt will comment on the condition of the property compared with others of a similar age and construction type. He will check for: 

  • Major defects of a significant nature that require immediate rectification to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility, or further deterioration to the property.  
  • Minor defects deemed significant at the time of inspection  
  • Any safety hazards present at the time of inspection. 

Matt is a fully licensed builder under Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Matt is also licensed to complete your pool safety inspection or asbestos testing should you require it and can also organise an additional pest inspection by a fully licensed pest inspector at the same time. 


While our building and pest inspections are extremely thorough, there are limitations. The building and pest inspection is limited to a visual examination of the aspects of the building that are readily observable on the day and given the state of the property at the time of the Inspection. It doesn’t include:     

  • inspection of areas restricted from access by furniture, or areas that are obstructed, or concealed 
  • quotes on repair costs. 
  • assessment of the structural design or adequacy, or assessment of the home's lighting or energy efficiency
  • inspecting and assessing items that are beyond Matt’s direct expertise 
  • assessment of chattels such as fireplaces or chimneys; appliances or white goods including stoves, air conditioners and ducted vacuums; swimming pools and pool pumps. 
  • testing the adequacy or workability of smoke alarms or whether they meet current building regulations        
  • whether the building complies with government codes
  • whether the ground has been filled or the property is subject to flood risk 
  • reviews on possible lead paint, asbestos, provision of safety glass, or biological or environmental risks such as toxic mould

A complete list of what is and isn't included as part of your inspection will be provided to you by way of a pre-inspection agreement when you engage our services. 

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections

You’ve bought a house - great! Now comes the time to put it to the test. Pre-purchase building and pest inspections are crucial when making decisions on what for most people is our biggest asset.  It’s normal to have a lot of questions about your purchase after you sign the Contract. While we can answer some of these questions for you, we can’t answer them all. What we can do is help you answer them all. Matt is a fully qualified builder with over 28 years of experience, and he is meticulous when it comes to inspecting the property. He passes all the information to you in a clear and comprehensive report that goes above and beyond the industry standard. What’s more, he is always approachable and open to questions and helps you problem-solve your decision making. He does this without bias, and ensuring the ultimate decision is one you can make confidently.  

 Prices from $350.

Combined building and pest inspections

Need a combined building and pest inspection? Matt can organise an independent and fully licensed pest inspector to attend at the same time as your building and pest inspection. Convenient for the property owner, and if you’re attending the inspection with us, for you too. An independent pest inspector is an expert in detecting, treating and preventing pests in our local region. They are also fully licensed to undergo treatment should you require it (often the same or next day). You will also get an additional independent, comprehensive report (with images if necessary) just on the timber-pest aspect of the home. This means that two trained industry professionals can provide you with a complete range of information to make an informed decision. 

 Prices from $360.

Pre-sale inspections (Vendor)

A pre-sale inspection on your building can be an important sales tool that could save you thousands of dollars. Benchmark Building Reports provide pre-sale building and pest inspections to give you a full picture of the state of your home. Before your home goes on the market, or any time during the sale. This allows you to see the condition of your building from the buyer’s point of view. Also, it gives you a chance to fix anything you can, pre-empting negotiations and encouraging a smooth sale. This can speed up the sales process and eliminate surprises that might derail your sale. A copy of the report with Vendor's details removed will also be supplied to your Agent. This will help them communicate with your buyer about the condition of the building ahead of negotiations. 

 Prices from $350.

Rental property building and pest inspections

If you’re a long-term landlord, it’s important to be sure your building remains structurally sound and free from damage or maintenance issues. These things can not only cost you more money if left unrepaired, but they can also quickly become a liability. Have peace of mind around your investment by getting a builder’s eye on your property on a regular basis. Benchmark Building Reports can coordinate a yearly building report for landlords (and pest inspection too if you require it). Along with your usual agent’s condition reports, a regular building and pest inspection can keep you in the loop about the full state of your property. 

 Prices starting from $360 Commercial - price on application

Benchmark Building Reports also specialise in: 

  • Commercial building and pest inspections 
  • Practical completion inspections (PCI) 
  • Dilapidation reports 
  • Methamphetamine testing

Stress-free decision making  

Matt Brooks

"I have developed a process that I feel helps people get clarity, and allows me to do the best job possible, without all the overwhelm and stress that usually comes with it. You need to be clear and confident in your decisions, and I want you to ask as many questions of me as you need to, to be able to feel that."
Matt Brooks

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